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Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd. is pleased to bring you the following news and announcements.

The Portnoff Reporter – Fall 2019

October 2019-  In this edition of The Portnoff Reporter, a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Portnoff Law Associates, an analysis of Tax Collection options under the Municipal Claims and Tax Liens Act, and a spotlight on employee James Wood, Esquire. (More)

The Portnoff Reporter – Spring 2019

May 2019-  The Spring 2019 edition of The Portnoff Reporter has arrived. Highlights include a memorial to Alan B. Portnoff, Esquire, and a case analysis of  Augustin v. City of Philadelphia, 897 F.3d 142 (3d Cir. 2018) (More)

In Memoriam

February 2019-  Alan B. Portnoff, Esquire, co-founder of Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd. is remembered. (More)

Strategic Recovery of Delinquent Accounts

January 2019-  Portnoff founder Michelle R. Portnoff, Esquire and Attorney Kevin H. Buraks recently penned an article featured in The Ledger, the Government Finance Officers Association of Pennsylvania’s magazine. This article discusses the toolbox of methods available to a municipality when setting up their delinquent collections strategy. (More)

The Portnoff Reporter – Fall 2018

September 2018-  The Portnoff Reporter’s newest edition is here. The feature topic for this month is Abatement of Nuisance Claims Collection. Other articles include creating the right environment for respectful public discourse and an Employee Spotlight on Training and Development Manager Bruce Adams. (More)

Collecting Delinquent Real Estate Taxes-You Have Options

August 2018-  Attorney Kevin Buraks, Esquire was published in Borough News as a feature article related to options in delinquent tax collection (More)

The Portnoff Reporter

February 2018- Portnoff Law Associates releases its Portnoff Reporter Winter 2018 Edition. This issue delves into local control and the responsibilities of municipalities for maintaining their delinquent collections to minimize the impact on responsible residents. Jeffrey Schwartz is the staff spotlight. Collections results for City of New Castle are discussed (More)

The Portnoff Reporter

October 2017- Portnoff Law Associates releases its Portnoff Reporter Fall 2017 Edition. Highlights include discussions of the “Problem Account” Dilemma, tax collection options for real estate tax, and a staff spotlight on Jacqueline Tassone (More)

LCFPA Property Owners

May 2017- Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority explains its Levee Fee. Portnoff Law Associates assists LCFPA with collection of delinquent fees. (More)

The Portnoff Reporter

May 2017- Portnoff Law Associates releases its Portnoff Reporter Spring 2017 Edition. Highlights include discussions of amnesty programs, property tax elimination legislation, and pre and post-petition bankruptcy claims (More)

Managing Pre-Petition and Post-Petition Bankruptcy Debts owed to Municipalities and School Districts

Many municipalities express confusion with regard to their ability to collect debt owed by a property owner who has filed for bankruptcy protection. (More)